Dr Amy’s Spring Essentials

In running The London Clinic, as a Dental Surgeon specialising in facial aesthetics and cosmetics, and as a skincare enthusiast, I am always keeping my eye out for new, fabulous innovations in skincare. These are my recommendations for the must-have products, for keeping your skin looking healthy, glowing and smooth for Spring! Image Skincare – […]


Your Guide to Lip Fillers

Let’s talk about lip fillers… The most popular of all dermal fillers both in Perth and around the world. What are Lip Fillers? Lip filler is a form of minor and temporary procedure where a Dermal Filler, also known as a hyaluronic acid gel is injected into the lips to give shape or volume. Hyaluronic […]


Breakouts, dry skin, wrinkles & pigmentation: How to fix your isolation skin

After returning back to business, I’ve been hearing a common comment from my patients: “Fix my isolation skin!” – Isolation skin can come in the form of wrinkles, breakouts, flakiness, dull and uneven skin tone, acne, pimples, you name it! What is it caused by? Overall a change in environment – including Stress, lack of […]


Our Clinic Has Re-opened!

The wait is over! Our clinic has officially RE-OPENED. We would like to thank everyone for your continuous support and understanding throughout this hard time, and we are so excited to be back doing what we love again! Please click the link below to book an appointment or call us on 1800 123 852. As […]

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