The London Clinic is a boutique Aesthetic and Cosmetic clinic located on the outside of the Claremont Medical Centre, Claremont, Perth. The London Clinic is a dynamic practice providing the latest treatments in facial rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments. We are the leading cosmetologist for dermal and lip fillers Perth taking care with every one of our treatments. The London Clinic’s philosophy is to combine the best quality treatment with the best patient experience. All patients receive tailor made treatment plans to suit their individual needs and wants.


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“I swear by Dr Amy and The London Clinic. I was sick to death of being an adult in my 30s and having such bad skin. I had congestion, acne, pigmentation and I hated wearing a tonne of makeup everyday to cover it up. Dr Amy changed everything and I have never once regretted the investment I made in myself. I can confidently wear no makeup if I want and my skin is crystal clear. People say I’m lucky to have such beautiful skin. It’s not luck. It’s hands down due to Dr Amy.


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