Lip Fillers

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What are Lip Fillers?
Enhance your natural beauty and even remove wrinkles with Lip fillers. Lip fillers, also called lip augmentation is a minimally invasive temporary cosmetic procedure. This treatment involves a synthetic Hyaluronic Acid gel being injected into the lips to improve shape, asymmetries or volume loss.

Human Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally existing sugar in the body, which diminishes with age, hence the demand to re-inject it into different areas of our bodies (such as cheeks, chin & jawline). There are a large number of companies supplying the synthetic Hyaluronic Acid gel used for cosmetic treatments, which creates a difference in price and end results.

Remember – a cheap filler is not a good filler!

Cosmetic injectables can achieve a range of results and the same goes for lip fillers. Whether it is to create a more noticeable smile, to correct an imperfection, or to gain more volume, each person’s needs and wants are different.

Define Lip Shape

If a patient finds a flaw in their lip shape (such as one side of the lip is smaller than the other) we can inject the filler to correct the asymmetry. Others come to accentuate their cupids bow, giving a perkier, plumper look or some just want their lip line to be more defined.

Increase Lip Volume & Fullness

Filler is injected into the lips to give them a fuller look. Patients with naturally thin lips can get lip fillers to achieve fuller, softer lips along with the shape and volume they desire all the while still achieving natural looking results.

What is the Procedure Like?
In our Perth clinic, the lip filler process takes about 45 minutes, this includes applying the numbing cream, which takes around 20 minutes to set in and then the Doctor will perform the lip filler treatment.

Once the numbing is complete, you may feel a little scratch or sting. The majority of our patients find the treatment very tolerable with minimal discomfort.

Lip Filler aftercare includes avoiding strenuous activities, staying hydrated, avoiding alcohol and smoking,  avoiding high temperatures such as steam rooms and saunas and avoid sucking on anything or playing with your lips for 48 hours after your treatment.

How Long do Lip Fillers Last?

Many things can affect the longevity of your filler, such as the type of filler, your metabolism or the amount of filler you get. They can last anywhere between 6-18 months. In time, the filler will slowly be dissolved by the body.

How Much do Lip Fillers Cost?
Depending on the type of filler chosen and the volume placed the cost starts at $600 per ml. 

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PRICE: Starting from $600
DURATION: 45 mins

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