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Doctors Wraps is a new pressure therapy technology that utilises a combination of active ingredient body wraps and a specially built lymphatic drainage massage suit.

Doctors Wraps can be utilised for:

  • Post-workout Muscle Recovery Treatment:

Incorporate Doctor Wraps into your workout routine to avoid muscle pain and improve long term muscle health. Doctor Wraps helps to break down lactic acid and other toxins in your muscles and improves circulation for a quicker recovery, whilst toning your muscles for a more sculpted appearance.

  • Slimming and Toning Treatment:

Doctor Wraps reduce the appearance of cellulite, and smooth and tone the skin. The active ingredients in the body wraps improve skin elasticity, promote the production of collagen giving ant-aging effects, improves circulation, and can naturally dissolve subcutaneous fat. It is the perfect extra addition to your routine to have your body looking exactly how you want. It is also useful for those who have issues with swelling at the joints.

Doctor Wraps is a non-invasive, versatile treatment that can be used for the neck, decolletage, breasts, chest, arms, abdomen, gluteus, or legs. The active ingredient used will depend on the goals for the treatment session.

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PRICE: Starting from $1000
DURATION: 8 sessions

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