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Everything you need to know about Doctor Wraps

With their ability to condition, hydrate, detoxify, heal, tone, and tighten skin, and even trim inches off your frame, it’s no wonder Doctor Wraps have become a treatment favourite. Popular among Perth aesthetic clinics and around the work, it’s the perfect collaboration of anti-aging and slimming benefits, all in one soothing and relaxing wellness treatment. But how could a wrap possibly do all that, and what should you expect? We at The London Clinic in Claremont explain everything you need to know in this guide to Doctor Wraps.

What is a Doctor Wrap?

A Doctor Wrap, also known as a body wrap, cocoon, or mask, is a spa treatment that uses pressure therapy and active ingredient cosmetics to treat all kinds of body imperfections. Areas that can be treated with Doctor Wraps include the arms, legs, neck, breast, abdomen, gluteus, and décolleté.

How do Doctor Wraps work?

The treatment works by promoting your blood and lymph circulation, as well as metabolism, through the pressure therapy and active ingredient cosmetics mentioned above. Your body function is managed through the smooth circulation of your blood and lymph systems. The Lymph system carries waste away from your cells, while blood brings nutrients to them. Stagnation of fluid means your cells become exposed to an increased toxic condition and the creation of imperfections, all of which can be treated by a soothing Doctor Wrap. Examples of conditions the treatment targets and reliefs include:

  • Cellulite
  • Skin Flaccidity
  • Orange Peel Skin
  • Dehydration
  • Excess Weight
  • Water Retention

What should you expect during your treatment?

The two-step process involves a nourishing showerless body wrap formula being applied to your skin which gradually absorbs the active ingredients. Then the Dr Wraps Body Cuff swathes and warms the body to eliminate toxins, fat, and water retention; all while you receive a relaxing massage!

The London Clinic cosmetics line features a range of formulas containing active ingredients, with Doctor Wraps having eight different formulas to treat many skin conditions. The formulation applied during your treatment depends on the type of Doctor Wrap you receive.

Types of Doctor Wraps

At The London Clinic we offer an eight treatment programme (link to treatment page or price list once advertised) that includes three different types of Doctor Wraps. These are active drain, thermo cell, and lipo cell wraps.

Active Drain

Active drain wraps fight water retention by compacting and providing your tissue with a tonic aspect, whilst re-mineralising the skin making it bright and vital. The formula contains the active ingredients of dead sea salts and NMF. Dead sea salts are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, iodine, and brome that promote draining. NMF stands for natural moisturising factor and aids in returning the skins pH to a healthy and natural level, promoting cell and tissue regeneration, and producing new collagen and elastin. NMF gives the skin a compact, uniform, and bright aspect while combating signs of aging.

Thermo Cell

Thermo cell wraps stimulate metabolic exchanges and oxygen consumption in fat tissue, fighting the stagnant liquids and toxins that act as the main cause of cellulite. The formula contains the active ingredients of caffeine, centella asiatica, and fucus vesiculosus extract. Caffeine is optimal against cellulite and has great draining and detoxifying effects that increase the rate of metabolism which burns fat and reduces water retention. Centella asiatica is a type of plant that smooths and improves skin elasticity, stimulates fibroblasts and the production of new collagen as a result, as well as relieving swollen legs and promoting drainage. Fucus vesiculosus extract is a type of algae extract that removes waste and toxins from the body and stimulates metabolism. The presence of “iodine” within the extract helps to destroy hypodermic fat deposits.

Lipo Cell

Lipo cell wraps are an occlusive (moisturising) cosmetic treatment due to the phosphatidylcholine involved in the treatment, a product that is also especially effective for treating cellulite caused by localised fat. The formula contains the additional active ingredients of mint, ginseng, and caffeine. Mint and ginseng tighten skin and promote microcirculation of the lymphatic system.

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